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Brewing Rock 'n Roll

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Our headliners tour all year long. And every leg of the tour they are accompanied by a shitload of support acts. Beers that are there for you just when you want them the most. We like to put a few in the spotlight.

Brewing rock ‘n roll

We like to brew bold beers, with lots of flavor and full of rock ‘n roll. Beers without boundaries and inspired by the music we love: metal, rock, punk and hardcore. For us, music is the best pairing with our beer. Shout it out loud…f*ck monday mornings, enjoy!

It’s all about the passion

At Brouwerij Bliksem we love everything about beer. It runs through our veins and it is what we live and breathe for. From the moment we took our first sip of craft beer we knew that this was something we love and want to share with the world. We believe beer should be an experience for all senses. And we do our absolute best to bring you the best beers we can. Cheers!

Brewed at Brack

Early 2014 we, Merijn and Sebastiaan started Bliksem Brewery. We try to create beers that tickle all senses. We like to experiment with various styles and flavours. All of our beers are brewed at Bierbrouwerij Breda, but that is going to change in 2021. In a few months we will open our own brewery at our taproom BRACK beer beer construction. We will transform BRACK into a brewpub, because almost all of our beers will be brewed exclusively for BRACK.

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