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Brewed at Brack

Early 2014 we, Merijn and Sebastiaan started Bliksem Brewery. Our aim is to brew rock ‘n roll. We try to create beers that tickle all senses. We like to experiment with various styles and flavours. You can taste our creations at BRACK.

At BRACK we have a 600 liter brewhouse. With three 750 liter fermentation tanks. We try to release at least 2 of 3 new beers each month at BRACK. We have a small bottle line, so a part of each brew can be sold through our webshop.

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The beer experience

You can enjoy the ultimate beer experience at BRACK beer construction. With it’s raw and industrial enviroment and wide range of craft beers from Bliksem, freshly brewed right next to your seat. You can experience brewery tours, tastings and live music that pair beautifully with our beers. See you at BRACK!

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