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geschenk core verpakking

Bier proeverij geschenk





An all but traditional weizen, with a beautiful full taste. This beer has one unprecedented hop aroma for a weizen. We used German Cascade and American Citra  hops. Think of fresh hoppy bitterness and citrus. Hey Ho Let’s Go!


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The Abyss

Light bitter, fruity and continuously hopped with American hops. A lovely and highly drinkable beer for sunny days or after a days work on the farm.


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Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah! This golden blond beer has all the clichés from a classic tripel, but one with a Lightning strike. As if there’s a devil pissing on your tongue.


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Black Sabbath

"Big black shape with eyes of fire" Ozzy sings in the song Black Sabbath. And we assume he was thinking about this beer. It’s a quadruple brewed with maple syrup. Pitch black, strong, ominous and complex but dangerously easy drinkable.
This beer won Gold at the Dutch Beer Challenge and has been voted best beer from Brabant 2018.


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Grom is Russian for thunder. Best applicable for this beer. A firm, thick and heavy beer with loads of chocolate, roast, malt and licorice taste. One to take it easy and enjoy every sip. A treacherous treat we think ourselves.


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The Ritual

Our sacrifice to the beer gods. A nice firm maltiness with a sweetness. An altar full of hops. This combination gives The Ritual complexity and a good body. A ritual that makes this beer the ultimate sacrifice!


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Geschenkverpakking met onze headliners

1 x Hemelvuur – tripel 9%
1 x Blitz – hoppy weizen 6,66%
1 x Black sabbath – quadrupel 10%
1 x The Abyss – blond 6,9%
1 x Grom – Russian Imperial Stout 12,5%
1 x The Ritual – Barley wine 13,3%


Make your own

If you don’t like our choice in packages, why don’t you make one on your own. Just add the beers you like and select how many you want. We ship boxes of 12 beers and 24 beers, so don’t waste any space and treat yourself on a full box beer pleasure.

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